Regional Operations Support

A regional operating environment introduces many complexities to revenue management. The setup and integration of multiple transport operators requires an understanding of the depth and complexity of your unique environment, which is essential to the delivery of a regional solution.

Each authority has its own fare products and rules, data sets, routes and operators that need to be set up in the system. Devices must be tied to locations and operators, and transactions and sales on each must flow into a central repository that filters and allocates funds. A regional system involves handling transactions, revenue and reporting for multiple counties, communities and/or agencies. Cubic can design and build a new network or, more importantly, expand upon an existing network infrastructure as required to accommodate multiple authorities.

Cubic’s Nextfare® open software and hardware platform integrates a business management system and passenger devices for smart card issuing, processing and validating. The open design enables multiple agencies in a region to share resources while keeping all proprietary information separate and secure, giving agencies a way to reduce costs. Examples of regional areas where Cubic’s Nextfare systems are in use are Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Brisbane, Australia.

Our experts can help you define the various inter-agency business rules, and once defined, we configure Nextfare with the various fare products, rules and details related to each operator. Our sophisticated clearinghouse module allows you to further enhance the Nextfare system by adding rules and configurations for allocating funds across agencies.

Let us work with you to design and implement a system that will allow you to leverage economies of scale, reporting and systems.

  • Handle regional planning, operations
  • Accommodate business rules of each agency, regulatory requirements
  • Customer service information to all patrons, support the regional system