Asset Management Services

In an asset intensive industry like public transit, the reliability and productivity of your capital assets, including revenue management, is critical to your agency’s financial success.

Cubic’s comprehensive Asset Management Services includes planning, procurement, field service, preventive maintenance, repair, testing, storage, inventory and records management, and compliance management. When we assume management of your hard assets, Cubic frees your transit organization to focus on your core business.

Our Asset Management professionals will assist your agency in predicting and controlling the maintenance costs associated with routine support and repair, and warranty of field devices.

Other companies deliver traditional asset management services, but Cubic includes performance management strategies, sophisticated analytical tools, innovative technology advancements, and process improvement.

Among the benefits to your agency:

  • Optimal availability of all asset devices 
  • Device reliability improvements 
  • Proper asset management, positively affecting your agency’s annual maintenance costs
  • Asset Management Services, designed so you can predict and control your operational costs
  • Proper asset maintenance for a positive impact on their overall useful life