Mobile and Contactless Payment

The fast evolution of today’s technologies requires even greater focus, imagination and strategic thinking – and we remain at the forefront of opportunity.  The advent of smart, feature-rich mobile devices are both exciting and challenging for mass adoption in public transportation. 

Today we are working with market leaders in mobile phones to advance their use as fare payment devices.

Click here for a preview of our new mobile service offerings, which we will continue to update, so please check back when you have time.  

We also are expanding our system capabilities to accept all forms of contactless payment, including bank card acceptance at fare payment devices in the transit system, gift cards, prepaid cards and any other contactless payment media.

We ensure our systems and product engineers have the technologies and tools that enable us to lead innovation and provide our customers with solutions that incorporate the latest advances in technology with the same safety and security provisions our customers expect.

Fare verification, fare payment, personal account maintenance, access control, operational management, data acquisition and mobile ticketing are among the new applications that will be available in our systems to support payment on mobile devices.

We are committed to open systems implementations and are active participants and strong supporters of the various standardisation initiatives in public transportation and electronic payments globally.