Adaptable Integrated Systems

Our complete systems of services, business operations software and range of devices for rail, bus and other transport modes are built on proven engineering platforms, are adaptable, and enable us to achieve lower development costs and faster delivery schedules for our customers. The adaptable nature of our systems provides us with the flexibility to customise systems that fit your unique requirements.

Our vision for fully integrated regional systems is incorporated in our design for linking multiple operators, transit modes and applications with the capability to extend beyond revenue management. Taking  advantage of technical advancements in networking, communications and computing technologies, Cubic has integrated sophisticated equipment, modules and application software to help transit agencies leverage their investment to connect other transportation applications.  These include automated vehicle location, automated vehicle management, computer-aided dispatch, customer information signs, kiosks, web sites and other related applications including parking, tolls, event ticketing, concessions, retail and security access control.

For these integrated systems we also provide new levels of systems support and services that are required of a multi-application regional ticketing system including call centre support, card production and distribution, financial clearing and settlement, and multi-application support. This range of customer services not only protects the core investment of our customers, but also delivers regional support for new features, services and system enhancements as needed over time. 

We integrate with best of breed components for subsystems that support and complement the overall solutions we provide our customers. We architect our systems with the technologies and practices that allow for future expansion and growth.

The integration potential with banking partners and mobile phone operators is an example of the opportunities, and challenges, we are excited about. Banks and mobile phone companies are increasingly engaging with public transport and Cubic, as system integrator, has the comprehensive 360-degree view and understanding of these opportunities and the challenges they create for transport operators, and more importantly, their customers.