Case Study: Southern Sweden

Cubic is in the final stages of completing design, delivery and implementation of the Resekortet smart card-based fare collection system, a new multi-modal system that connects bus and rail services for transport operators in five counties in southern Sweden. The new system provides rail and bus commuters with greater convenience by speeding up boarding times and allowing them the option of using the Internet to automatically reload value onto their smart cards. It also reduces the risk of fraud and keeps distractions to a minimum for the bus drivers and train conductors, freeing them to focus on fast, safe, on-time service to the travelers.

Cubic’s central system delivers the back office technology and processing. Others elements of the system include operating software, communications, driver control units and validators for buses, and ticket vending machines, station validators and handheld devices for rail.

The original contract was awarded by Skånetrafiken, the transport operator for Skåne, the largest county in southern Sweden. Cubic’s open system design has enabled other transport operators in southern Sweden to join the Resekortet regional system, including Blekingetrafiken, Länstrafiken Kronoberg, Hallandstrafiken, and Jönköping Länstrafik. In total, the regional system supports 70 rail stations and more than 1,500 buses.

As an added bonus, the new ticketing system is also compatible with Denmark’s national TravelCard system, creating a link that delivers even greater convenience for commuters who travel on both sides of the border.

Resekortet At-a-glance

  • Resekortet smart card system links five counties in Southern Sweden
  • More than 1,500 buses and 70 rail stations are supported by the system
  • The regional system is interoperable with Denmark’s national TravelCard system