Case Study: Germany

Rhein Main Services (RMS), on behalf of the Transit Authority Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV), has selected Cubic to develop both the initial stage and central core of Germany's first large-scale electronic ticketing system.

As part of the contract, Cubic will develop an integrated back-office computer system and provide point-of-sale terminals. Cubic also will operate the system for three years after delivery. All systems and devices will be designed to the German National Standard, VDV KA, the core application of all the German transport authorities for electronic ticketing. The new electronic ticketing system will cover the entire RMV region, and will be expanded to different ticketing types.

The solution will utilise an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) as the starting point for a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The back-office system is called vHGS and will support all the relevant VDV KA interfaces for interoperability and other interfaces to the associated Transport Operator systems.

Cubic is also cooperating with the German national back-office initiative called INNOS so that vHGS can migrate in the future.

Operational support includes hosting of the system in the State of Hesse, including provision of Oracle database software, backup services, database management including performance tuning and monitoring of the infrastructure and trouble shooting.

RMV region At-a-glance

  • The RMV passenger transport association is one of the largest in Europe
  • RMV comprises 15 regional districts and 11 towns and cities in the state of Hesse, supporting more than 150 transport operators in the RMV association area
  • The region’s population is over 5 million (6.4 million with cross-tariff areas) with an estimated 655 million journeys taken on public transport per year.