Collection Point
| Issue 18 |
18 |
Forty years ago, Cubic
Corporation broke fresh ground
in public transport with its new
subsidiary, Cubic Industrial
Corporation. Now known as
Cubic Transportation Systems,
the subsidiary soon made a
name for itself as a leader in the
industry. Following is a snapshot
of historic milestones that
have solidified the ground the
company was built on
years of Cubic
transport success
Cubic supplies its first automatic
fare collection (AFC) system – for
Illinois Central Gulf Railroad
Cubic wins contract to deliver
equipment for second phase of
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
system in San Francisco
Cubic wins $54 million
contract to provide system
for Washington DC
Cubic goes international;
contracted for Hong Kong
Mass Transit Railway
Cubic develops first plastic
magnetically encoded ticket
Cubic installs system
for Sydney’s Eastern
Suburbs Railway
Cubic wins first US contract to
implement multi-modal smart card
technology in Washington DC
Cubic delivers China’s first AFC
system in Guangzhou Metro
Cubic wins contract for
Texas Turnpike toll road
First international contract for
toll road project awarded to
Cubic by Coviares in Argentina
Cubic’s new wide-aisle gates for
Washington DC Metro win the
American Public Transportation
Association’s Design Award
Cubic awarded contract
for Virginia Department of
Transportation toll road
Cubic wins Shanghai Metro contract
for China’s first modern metropolitan
heavy rail system, using magnetic and
contactless smart card technologies
Cubic awarded $370 million
contract for Sydney’s intermodal
smart card system
TfL Future Ticketing
Agreement contract begins;
Cubic now prime contractor
for all transport ticketing
Cubic supports Metropolitan
Transit Commission to
rebrand TransLink system
to Clipper® Card and
launches the new system
Annual and monthly season
card holders are first to try out
London’s new Oyster® card
system, to immediate acclaim
Cubic wins $37 million contract
to integrate New York’s
system with the
Port Authority Trans Hudson
rail system to New Jersey
Integration is the new ticketing
buzzword as Cubic wins
contract to link BART to San
Francisco Bay Area’s TransLink
system (re-branded Clipper®)
London’s Oyster® receives
Modernising Government Award
Cubic operates mobile ticketing –
or m-ticketing – solutions for three
major German transit authorities,
and also for Veolia’s subsidiary
Nord-Ostsee- Bahn, a major
private train operating company
Cubic acquires several of ERG’s
largest fare collection services
contracts in North America,
including the Bay Area TransLink
regional smart card system
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